Culture Matters

Learn About our Culture & Benefits in India

A day in the life of a Blocker

40 Hour Work Week

TechBlocks culture promotes work-life balance. A typical Blocker works a 40-hour, 5 days a week.

Hybrid Work Culture

Covid 19 taught us to be efficient in Hybrid work culture. Many blockers work from home or from their favorite locations.

Smart Casual Workplace

We dress smart-casual. Show up to work wearing something comfortable and appropriate 

Competitive Compensation

An effective compensation program is our top priority. Techblock’s pay is highly competitive and is in the Top 5 employers in our regions.

Benefits & Perks

Annual Leave

Blockers believe in celebrating cultural/religious holidays with a blend of clearly defined leave policy. Each blocker enjoys 18 paid leave days with 10 holidays and 2 optional days off. 

Health Benefits

Blocker’s health is our utmost priority. All employees avail extended health benefits for self and immediate family members.


Learning and Development

We’re a company that emphasizes Continuous Development with our clients, and we foster a culture of Continuous Development with our Employees. TechBlocks pays for technical training & certifications for job-related skills. 

Fun at Work

We work hard, we play hard. 
Every 2 weeks we get together for some downtime, team building, and meal gatherings. Blockers participate in games and other activities to win exciting prizes. 

Annual Trip

Get ready to let loose and relax on our annual company-paid trip! Team outings play an important part of our culture and give you an opportunity to build bond with co-workers. 


Our team works hard. We know the importance of good nutrition, so we cater lunches on a regular basis for all employees working from the office.

Work Hard, Play Hard

From cultural events to cricket, company trips,
and award dinners, check out some of the great times we have together.

Financial Allowances

House Rent Allowance

House Rent Allowance is in place of meeting the accommodation expense for residential purposes.

Leave Travel Allowance

Employees can submit a bill up to a maximum to claim an exemption under section 10(5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. 

Books & Periodicals

Purchase books, periodicals, newspapers, and professional journals to continue skill development 

Communication Allowance

Mobile phone and home Internet connection can be submitted to claim exemption

Meal Card

Every employee received a digital meal card

Gadgets Allowance

We help with the expenses on purchase of laptops, computers, mobile phones, and other electronics.  

Fuel & Driver Allowance

Expenses incurred for your daily commute to the office can be reimbursed

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